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Welcome to my site, and thanks for visiting. I promised before  leaving  you will definitely find some Nuggets that will guide you to start generating some incomes online through different online work at home jobs and income generating opportunities explained here. With continuous expansion in computing and networking as well as the degradation, in-proportionate reward  and uncertainty in manual and offline businesses and jobs, many have turned to the internet as a means for  generating either full time or extra income. Some of the online businesses and jobs include Affiliate programs, Forex, MLM, Surveys, Binary Options, Sport betting , Online Investment Programs, freelancing  and many others. Whatever, this site is dedicated to teaching you what is working and and what is not. Whether you're looking for ideas to start your own online business, ways to earn extra income online, a second income or online home business opportunity, Are you in search of a business opportunity, looking for a solid source of extra income or maybe planning to quit your job or even planning to add another source of residual income to your multiple streams of income? Then stick  with me here. Having mentioned various online business one can ventured into, remember not all that glitter is gold, hence not really all of those programs can make you money. Some can even end up sucking the little money in your pocket if you aren`t properly guided. Therefore this site is dedicated to guide and give you the necessary ingredients and technical know on how to set up and run a profitable online business.






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Overview and Analysis.

Having looked at the various online home based businesses one can ventured into here, let`s consider the requirements for running a successful and profitable home based business.

Making money online depends on many factors; which include the mind-set or belief of the online hustler, your imagination, creativity as well as your technical ability. It`s also a function of your commitment, time and fund to invest. However, the truth remains that Cash is made using the internet and you too can make it! Now for one to make any cash online a product(s) or service(s) must be sold. With the proliferation of online businesses, it is really difficult for newbies to figure out what is working and what is not working because if you type the phrase "how to make money" (online) in a search engine, you will be amazed at the results that will come up. In this site, I am here to show you what is working, how to make it work for you as well as give you the necessary support to achieve your goal. Just stick with me here!.

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A brief Review of the Plug in profit site (PIPS)

The best method to do anything is learning from someone who has done it already; this is referred to as mentoring.This site came to be as a result of my coming in contact with those who have cracked the code and also willing to give a selfless service to humanity by giving away a free money making website such as this very one. Introducing  The Plugin Profit Site . The plug in profit site as tested and confirmed by many is something one cannot really explained, because this is an excellent service rendered by Stone Evans FREE of charge, who select the best and high commission yielding programs after review of each program, creates a professional and automated income generating website, and also providing the detailed guide (thirty days training guide) to customizing, promoting and mastering your website and the online marketing, also sets up a 400 day autoresponder follow up letters to your leads, Why not get a  Money-making website today for FREE? 

The Plugin Profit Site is the best approach to launching an online empire by any rookie  especially those who are novice with the technical stuffs  involved in website design and online marketing. The interesting thing here is that after your  Plugin Profit website is designed and ready within 24 Hours, with the follow up 30 Days guide, you can customize the site adding and removing any program as desired. With your site fully customized and up with your desired programs all you need do is drive traffic to it and start making your money on autopilot. The various methods and tactics to driving the traffic is also covered in the 30 Days training guide. When gone through the training in PIPS, You can designed your own website and be able to do many things associated with online marketing. Thanks to The Plugin Profit Site. Why not launch your own  Money-Making web Site today?

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Helping Hands international is an NGO which started in
Philippines but came into Nigeria in December, 2013. It is founded by Mrs. Luzviminda Mac-Elvis.
H2i caters for the less privileged: the widows, orphans. Our partners are Glo, HP, Apple, Diamond Bank, Hyundai and GAC Motors. When you become a member by making a one time donation of $40 or N 6600, you can attend our free Certified skill acquisition training which includes: website design, computer appreciation, car-tracking, paint production etc. The consistent residual and passive income you can make from this program is so amazing that those who have tested it is taking the business everywhere. You can make your research on helping hands international to see the result you will obtain. The program pays and gives incentives in stages:



Stage 1: $10 + $48 ($8 per referral)

Stage 2: $1000 and HP Laptop or iPad with Glo CUG line for free calls. CUG means closed user group.

Stage 3: $3000, Hyundai Elantra car (the year's model), all expense-paid trip to Dubai with $1000 shopping allowance.
You will be requested to nominate 2 less-privileged people togive $1000 (each) scholarships to.

stage 4: You will be given an SUV (jeep) worth $30,000, given about N7 millon naira to build a house. $2,000 will be
given to two of your kids, an interest-free and collateral-free loan to the tune of $12,000, nominate an orphanage for
empowerment on your behalf. You will be paid $6,000.









IMG-20160117-WA0017Stage 5: $12,000 will be paid to your account. $44,000 will be given to you to build a befitting house.Stage 6: As a trustee, you earn 1% of all the sign ups in the next country to be signed up, you give scholarships to 6people yearly. You earn residual income. And infinity bonus of N2 million naira yearly.Register NOW and thank me later.For more information about H2i and how to register and be partaker of all the benefits as well as earn a residual income, call/WhatsApp me on 2347054586402.We have a forum on WhatsApp where we work as a team sharing information, motivating one another on success tips as well as give special training and guide to our new ones which is better than any seminar you can think of, you can join us by adding me on the above number.        

Other Income generating strategies

As promised that before leaving this site you must have a program to make money from, Let`s look at other strategies to start generating income online. I will quickly mention here that Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online. You don’t have to worry about creating products, doing support or any of that stuff. All you have to do is send traffic to an offer and then you get paid a commission every time someone buys through your link.    And even the big gurus and product vendors earn a significant amount of their income through affiliate marketing. The beauty of the running (an) affiliate program(s) as taught by the Plug-profit-site is that you will have more than one program combined in a single site providing multiple income streams and that makes you an entrepreneur. 

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One can sign up with any of these programs and begins making money as an affiliate Tripleclicks, SFI, Amazon, Clickbank etc. You can also make money taking surveys online, though your success on this depends on your country of residence and other factors. Sites such CashCrate, superpayme, offernation, Clixsence, superpayme, inbox dollars, in fact the list is unending, are capable of putting some bucks in your account.


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